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Our Story Of Creating Craft Milk

Why Dried Milk?

For centuries, most large dairies have dried much of their fresh milk. After they remove the water (which makes up a whopping 87% of cow’s milk), what remains is all the "good stuff": proteins, healthy butterfats, vitamins, calcium, and nutrients... and that sweet, buttery flavor.  

Two major reasons to dry the milk:

1. Stop spoilage: Once the water is removed, the milk powder won’t spoil.
2. Decrease transportation costs: Why ship the heavy water? A gallon of milk weighs 8½ pounds. 7½ pounds of that is plain water. Crazy! 

Potential For On-The-Go Convenience

What if, whenever you wanted, you could simply add cold water back to that powder... transforming it into pure, creamy, delicious cold milk?

You could have wonderful cold milk anywhere, anytime, with no spoilage & waste!

But if (before MOGO) you wanted creamy cold milk, you couldn’t do that.

Why not?

Because oil and water don’t mix. And milk’s butterfats are essentially oils.

So if you add cold water to those dried butterfats, you’re saying “Come On In” to lumps & clumps & grit. 

This is why we’ve all grown up repulsed by powdered milk.

Could MOGO Fix This? 

We hoped so.

Three years ago, we set out to create a solution. We wanted milk to become, for the first time ever, a convenience food – something nutritious and refreshing you can take with you and enjoy anywhere... 24/7. 

We began working with fine dried milk at the microscopic level so the butterfats would ultimately absorb cold water (instead of rejecting it). 

Could we do this without a drop of any chemical additives or junk? Could we retain all the nutrients? All the flavor? All the silky creaminess? 

Did MOGO Get It Done? 

After a very long journey, the short answer: Yes!

Our Craft Milk

Maybe you’ve enjoyed fine, craft-brewed beers, or exceptional artisanal hand-made cheeses. Well, they’re created with the same kind of care, smarts, love, and attention we’ve devoted to perfecting milk powder. 

Every batch of MOGO is hand-crafted by brilliant and passionate craftspeople. Made with pride. 

In the end, our milk molecules become airy and open, delicate and light... finally resembling beautiful little snowflakes. And in that perfect state, they actually welcome cold water. Amazing. 

Benefits Of Craft Milk 

1. Your convenience and enjoyment!
2. The huge energy-saving benefits to our planet:

Keeping liquid milk cold every minute from the dairy to your table, and hauling billions of tons of unnecessary water, is a 20th century waste of energy. 

Our Larger Mission

Our larger mission was grounded in the fact that milk is one of our planet’s most vital and nutritious foods: It saves lives. We knew that if we succeeded, we could help millions of people all over the world - particularly children - who rarely or never consume milk because they lack refrigeration.  

MOGO can now deliver protein-rich and vitamin-enhanced milk on a worldwide basis to poor countries, war-torn nation states, and to areas ravished by natural disasters.

The Big Picture

Did we reinvent the world? Did we reinvent justice and generosity and love? No.

But we did reinvent milk.

And that, we think you’ll agree, is a step in the right direction...

Your Friend In Milk,   
Bruce Weiss, Founder & CEO
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